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Ultravision Records Presents...
our dj's!!!!

DJ d.N.i (Ultravision Records Label Owner) BRASIL
DJ Crystall Meta (Ultravision Records) SPAIN
DJ Moosi (Ultravision Records) GERMANY
DJ Mikrobe (Ultravision Records/G.S.G) ARGENTINA
DJ Surkha (Ultravision Records) BRASIL
DJ Space Byrd ( Ultravision Records ) PORTUGAL
DJ Provoke (Ultravision Records/Joker Records) JAPAN
DJ Atesh (Ultravision Records/Joker RecordsJAPAN
DJ Meskita (Ultravision Records) BRASIL
DJ Ragusa (Ultravision Records/Neuromind Records)
DJ Amanda( Ultravision Records/Vibetronic ) BRASIL
DJ Hantakt (Ultravision Records) BRASIL
DJ Trixah (Ultravision Records/Luz de Gaia) BRASIL
DJ Guizuh (Ultravision Records/Luz de Gaia) BRASIL
DJ J-Xtorsion (Ultravision Records) SPAIN

DJ Demosys (Ultravision Recordsl) PORTUGAL
DJ Magnodum (Ultravision Records) PORTUGAL
V-Fusion (Ultravision Records/Electro Fusion) BRAZIL
DJ Fredycat (Ultravision Records) PORTUGAL
DJ Mindfreak (Ultravision Records) Italy
DJ Layres (Ultravision Records) Portugal

Dark Psychedelic
Critical Method Records Djs

DJ Endless Euforia (Critical Method Recs Label Owner) BRASIL
DJ Flip Psyde (Critical Method Recs) INDIA
DJ Dirty Phreak (Critical Method Recs) GUATEMALA
DJ Ae (
Critical Method Recs/Carismadelic) SPAIN
DJ Seykoff (
Critical Method Recs) Spain
DJ Fantapsy (Critical Method Recs/Darkpsyde Recs)
DJ Xanta (Ultravision Records) ARG
DJ Psyonic (Critical Method Recs/Devil Ground Prod) PORTUGAL
DJ Mulondark (Critical Method Recs/Devil Ground Prod) Portugal

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VA - Free Technodrome by Bloodclot
VA Ultravision V2 by d.N.i Out NOW!!!
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