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Founded on the 4th of October of 2008 Ultravision Records is a international  psychedelic trance music label, headed by Adolfo Usier Leite aka d.N.i / Endless Euforia from Brazil...

Ultravision Records, is one of the most productive and versatile labels to recently enter the global trance scene. Equally supportive of all of this music's subgenres, Ultravision and its artists, both established and up-and-coming, have earned a reputation for this collective as paying the almost attention and hard work to enduring and high-quality dancefloor sounds fit for the ears, minds, and feet of the most discriminating collectors and listeners of trance music. From the groovies of night full-on to the freakiest of the dark psychedelic music,  Ultravision consistently serves up tunes and compilations enjoyed the world over, earning the respect of many within the scene while leaving genre boundaries and distinctions behind at the front door. Listeners have come to expect no less less than the best from Ultravision and the artists under its banner, expectations which the label fulfills ceaselessly and tirelessly.

Ultravision Records are dedicated to promote psychedelic music for the night time with innovative artists that produce excellent music...(no shitty tracks like copy/paste or full glitch + some basic VST).   We will always be exclusive and we want go to an even higher level by working with artists who are going be fully commited to evolving the music and their projects. Ultravision Records was born with the intention to work with the best dark psychedelic and night time fullon music. We will be always looking for talented producers and exploring and experimenting with unique styles to bring you the best psychedelic music. All tracks of Ultravision Records are very carefully selected to bring you unforgettable experiences….
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Ultravision Records Managers:
d.N.i (General Manager)
Bussy (Artist Manager)

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VA Ultravision Out NOw!
VA Traumatic Level Out Now!!!
Ep - Khaos Sektor - Speaking in Tongues Out NOw!
EP - Psy4tecks - Happy Hour Cocktail OUT Now!
EP - Parametrik - The Nightstalkers OUT NOW!
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