DJ PsykoAktive

Dj PsykoAktive Portugal-Holland

Dj PsykoAktive Aka Hugo Ribeiro, 29 yrs born in Lisbon but working and living in Holland, begin his interest about psytrance when he went to his first psychedelic party in January of 2004, discovering a new and fascinating world, Psytrance Environment..... After this party join the Buddha Mantra Organization and start to adquiring knowledge about psytrance, the music, decoration and all things related with it. He meet a lot of new friends,producers and Dj's, start to love music, mixing and playing it..... In 2005 play's for the first time but using computer and Traktor Dj Studio, and felt a great sensation and discover a new paixon, the art of mixing..... In 2006 goes to Holland and start to play in some parties organized by Shut up and dance, Trance Mafia, EarthDance Festival and others private parties showing is Portuguese Fullonic Style, in the end of 2008 create and start it is partner Joao Ferreira Aka DJ Bitan Bizarro a new Psytrance Event Organization located in Den Haag, Holland, called Ritmik State Org. it a objective of trying to improve,explore and making something diferent in Dutch Psy Culture .....And now starting 2009, a year full of new oportunities and expectations of this project be continued..................


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