X-Avenger (Ultravision Records)
X-Avenger is Fernando Ventura aka YANUZ, born in Mexico,
in early 2000 when first met psytrance music
in their first festival, after being captivated by the music,
started his project in 2003 when he began listening
psytrance, long after one began to get more in the
psychedelic music world, with the variation of different sounds
and deeper.

Get started early 2005
experimenting with music production.

in 2005 released his first track called "Moonraker"
and for some years i was experiencing in
2008 did new material and new tracks more professional
powerful and murderers, working with renowned artists
the environment, working on new tracks and other projects
nationally and internationally and to date
x-avenger has new tracks filled with power and joy
to bust the dance floor.

123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123