Speedball (Mexico)

Speedball was born 3 years ago from the mind of two young man wanting to experiment with a fresh sound, project of Raul Angel (Reaxion) and Javier Durán (Zero). Intruding into the French Hitek style because it was their main inspiration and role model. At that time they produced their sound without general musical knowledge, but achieving their goal; a fresh and innovating new sound, aggressive at the same time… Playing in different private parties and night clubs in Mexico city, publishing 2 tracks (The Kill and Crazy people) under the label Xpansion Records. Speedball spitted because its members wanted two work on their own projects, achieving to play in different parts of the country . After two years of being on their own the Speedball guys get back together for creating one of the strongest and innovating national hitek project… Hard bass lines, corrosive leads, drum loops with distortion, sorpressive editing and lots of mental game r the main characteristics that this duo introduces two us with their live material that will always be unexpected.


123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123