DJ Mikrobe

DJ Mikrobe (Ganesha Space Garden Deco)

Diego aka DJ Mikrobe Cavallini was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1977 in full Punk Revolution! at an early age making contact with the folk music singing and playing the guitar until the age of Boluda and intends to make more noise, leaving the guitar and Folklore by a low and a lock on the neck, then came to new sounds their ears and woke up feeling different, and the group was formed DejaVu, band music of the underground scene Rosario coming to participate eventos.A great late 90's .. new sounds and instruments sounded, the digital electronic era is in full and the world becomes loko!. In 2000 D.C. aka M.vuela to Europe, where it soaks sounds and new electronic culture, that same summer settles on the island where Ibis is the first contact with a trance party, finds there a sound mind and a unique feeling, that you vibrate. This goes from analog to digital in 2004 and together with other artists founded the group Ganesha Space Garden to promote the trance scene and clack of different artists. GSG grouping together the various events took place between them (and Aztlan Equinox festival) with great artists and colaboradores.En 2009 after many collaborations with the group Tribe of frog decided to join forces and continue to explore the infinite world psychedelic.

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