Ultravision V2

Ultravision Records is proud to Presents....

V.A Ultravision V2 Selected by d.N.i

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Ultravision V2
Label: Ultravision Records
Artwork @ Buddha Mantra Records
Mastering by d.N.i - Ultravision Studios Spain
Format: CD
Release: OUT NOW
Catalog: UVRCD002
Distribution: http://www.beatspace.com

This is the 2nd Version of debut compilation Ultravision Records. Do you want to remember that "Ultravision Story"??? Prepare yourself and your place for a new psychedelic travel on the space, Featuring on this release are...
Brainwash (PT), Delydid (SP), Sinful Reaction(PT), Earworm (USA), Brainhuters (MX), Speedball (MX), Ignition (PT), Ex-Gen (SP), Shri Yantra (PT) and also d.N.i (BR) that selected this amazing compilation carefully to bring you fresh psychedelic music and a unforgettable experience, making you, dance, move your body in the rhythms of the night time music, to finally make part in the Ultravision Spirit. Enjoy it.

01 - Brain Hunters - Solar Frequency 146
W&P Alfonso Zambrano @ The Sphere Studio - Spain

02 - Brainwash - The Storm -  146
W&P Marco Pinto @ Brainwash Studio - Portugal

03 - Earworm - Extensive Damage 146
W&P Max Meshiv @ Earworm Studio - USA

04 - Ignition - Can You Fell It 147
W&P João Varela & Daniel Varela @ Ignition Studio Portugal

05 - Ex-Gen - Bankai - 147
W&P German Martinez garcia, Manuel Jose Marti Valls & Xavier Baques Rafols @ Ex-Gen Studio SPain

06 - Speedball - Terror Step's - 147
W&P Javier Duran & Raul Angel @ Modulo 1 Studio - Mexico

07 - Sinful Reactions - Rythm Control 146
W&P Orlando J.C Pereira and Luis Pereira @ Sinful Reactions Lab-Portugal

08 - Delysid - Heart Beat V2 146
W&P Andrew Olavarrieta & Juan Fontoria @ Delysid Space Base - Spain

09 - d.N.i  - Space Trip - 147
W & P by Adolfo Usier & Orlando J.C.Pereira and Luis Pereira @ Ultravision Recs Studio @ Spain and Sinful Reaction Lab @ Portugal

10 - Shri Yantra - Insane Mind Control( d.N.i Edit ) 147
W&P Sandro Rosa and Edited by Adolfo Usier aka d.N.i @ Shri Yantra Studio-Portugal and Ultravision Recs Studio - Spain

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VA Ultravision V2 Compiled by Label Owner d.N.i
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Cheers and i hope all enjoy it.

d.N.i / Endless Euforia
The Ultravision Records

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