Ex-Gen (Spain)

Band born in Barcelona, Ex-Gen are German Martinez (Aum Project) one of the most experienced lives of spain, Manuel Marti (Nanuk dj) one of the most active djs of the scene and dj in spain of the famous label 3D Vision, and the last member Xavi Baques (dj Bakers) wellknowed trance dj in barcelona and a excellent guitar player. They created a new sound really near the hi-tek and hard trance style. Stay Tunned more info really soon.
For the moment they release one rmx track from Aum Project named TAKE-U in the net label Evil records.
in Dec 08 they release a track with Absolum in the new compilation of 3D Vision recordings (SHARP) selected by Absolum.
Near this dates they release a track in the first digital compilation of the new young catalan label Dropland recordings.
In Feb 09 release a track in VA Ace's & Kings on AS Rec More news soon

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123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123