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EP Netrosystem - Real Story


Title: Real Story
Artist: Netrosystem
Format: Digital EP, FLAC, WAV & MP3
Label: Ultravision Records
Mastering: d.N.i @ Ultravision Studio Spain
Artwork: Netrosystem @ Mexico
Release Date :27 March 2009
Catalog No: UVREP004

After a few singels Baruch Geda also known as Netrosystem,

bring to you psylovers all over the globe a brand new EP with 5 fresh tracks.


Netrosystem new style present you various energetic feelings and aggression more than usually.Five tracks versus five senses that each track tell different story and eventually the message is clear: adrenalin and positive energy on the dancefloor.


Like the name of the EP "Real story" literally the meaning of Netrosystem is to create in each track a different adventure  by twisted hypnotic sounds, fat basses, groovy beats and high level bpm.

Every singel track build with another emotional influence combine with happiness,sadness,anger,love and mostly hope.

So  have a good night all you and prepare yours safety-belts,

      the Real Story is about to begin...


EP - Netrosystem - Real Story (UVREP004) 2009

Product Information

EP - Netrosystem - Real Story (UVREP004) 2009 - Back Cover


EP NetrosysteM - Real Story


1. Netrosystem - Real Story (152Bpm)

2. Netrosystem - Lemon Trip (160Bpm)

3.Netrosystem - The Interrogator (155Bpm)

4. Netrosystem - Shinigami on Acid  (160Bpm)


Bonus track:

5. Netrosystem - Vandalism (166Bpm)



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