Nuclear Abduction

Ultravision Records Presents....

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Nuclear Abduction
Label: Ultravision Records
Artwork by Vajra @ Buddha Mantra Studios
Mastering by Endless Euforia aka d.N.i @ Ultravision Records Studios Spain
Release: OUT NOW
Catalog: UVRCD003
Format: CD
Distribution: Saiko Sounds


V.A Nuclear Abduction by Endless Euforia

International psychedelic trance record label, Ultravision Records, is a label on its own level. Reflecting the goals and ideals of its founder, Adolfo Usier, otherwise known as d.N.i and Endless Euforia, Ultravision is a label that breaks down borders of both genres and perceptions, all with one thing in common, a discriminating ear for high quality sounds designed to spirit away any dancefloor.

Ultravision's 3rd compilation release Nuclear Abduction “UVRCD003”, fits this bill perfectly. Featuring ten tracks by some of trance's most versatile artists, each one of these delivers oodles of oomph which has come to be a trademark of this active, enthusiastic label. VA Nuclear Abduction features known and respected great artists, like Rawar, Gain Reduction, Magma Ohm, Digitalx, Necropsycho, Netrosystem, Demonizz, Kobold Instinct, Dark Whisper and also who compiled this amazing CD, Endless Euforia…

"Nuclear Abduction" has been conceptualized and carefully selected to unleash tides of energy to ignite and electrify dance spaces worldwide in the summer of 2009 and beyond.


Paranoize - Lights Out (Netrosystem_remix) - 148
Demonizz - Hospital Garbage (RMX) 155
DigitalX -  -
Gain Reduction -  Nuclear Chicken - 157
Endless Euforia vs Necropsycho - Evil Abduction - 158
Dark Whisper - - 160
Rawar - Aghori's - 160
Magma Ohm - Degenaration - 160
Kobold Instinct - U Should be Carefull When u Fight Evil 164
Endless Euforia vs Kobold Instinct - Instinct Euforia 165


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