Axis Mundi




Axis Mundi began his path down the road of psychedelic trance production during the late 1990's. He was living in Cologne, Germany and spent many nights listening to late night radio and getting clued into new music from his German friends.

In 2001, Axis Mundi purchased his first pair of Technics turntables and began assembling a vinyl psy-trance/goa trance collection. Living in Nashville, Tennessee, US, at the time, he soon began recieving recognition amongst his peers in the local Southeast underground dance music scene. To date, Axis Mundi has performed at events in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, California, Florida, Indiana, as well as Spain, Holland and Germany.

However, simply mixing tracks wasn't enough for Axis Mundi, who saw deep into the rich potential of actual music production combines with the mushrooming music technology just being put out. In keeping with the current technologies, he graduated from his vinyl and turntables intto the realm of digital media and CD decks, and began collecting various hardware synths, samplers, and keyboards, and as time went on, he incorporated more of the live hardware into his DJ sets until eventually Axis Mundi was performing all-live hardware electronica shows throughout the region purely without the aid of PC involvement.

In 2005, Axis Mundi moved to Asheville, NC, USA, where he is now based, in the interests of focusing purely on his own production and to be more involved with the greater psy-trance scene in the area. Currently, he is signed with independent psy-trance label Scared Evil Records, based out of Germany, with one of his tracks, "The Saturnine" making an appearance on their upcoming compilation, "Is That Evil Enough?" In addition, Axis Mundi acts as a professional freelance promotional writer for several international psy-trance labels, promoting their upcoming releases and newest and hottest artists. Axis has released music on Scared Evil Records (DE) and Ultravision Records (E), as well as more V/A tracks and an EP soon to be released. Keep an eye out for Axis Mundi appearing on event flyers between the USA and Europe in the near future.


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