Mind Talkers

MiNd TaLkErS (Brasil - Israel)

Mind Talkers is Adolfo Usier aka d.N.i/Endless Euforia from BRASIL and Matckin Dimitriy aka Cosmic Iron/Psycobeat from ISRAEL project created in December of 2008.
After making 2 vs. tracks together they saw that they have some special point touching together when they make music, the collaboration Music that they make together moves the dance floor's differently and more power full, so they decide to keep this project on the Mind Talkers...They are two brilliant artists that are work on psytrance have a long time.

d.N.i/Endless Euforia from Sao Paulo, He is Founder of Ultravision Records. He has been writing his own music since 2006 and had tracks released in various labels around the world like Moonsun Records, Thee Magik Family Records, Kagdila Records, Import Exploit Records, ICC Records, Unwashed Records, Twisted Minds Records, Psydom Records, Blind Noise records, Buddha Mantra Records and now Ultravision Records...

Cosmic Iron/Psycobeat was born in Ukraine, arrived to Israel in 1994.
As he has been started listening to trance music and fell-in-love in this culture, going to parties until now. Dimitriy Meeting Arthur(Psycobeat) at 2000 start making their first tracks on frooty-loops,and with time started growing up and learned alone their sounds, in June 2006 goes out their first releases on Zaika delic rec.
While Dimitriy was still working on his solo project “Cosmic Iron, new baby Banzay was born with his friend Sprinter and he have release in lot of labels around the world.
So... We hope you enjoy this project!!!

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