DJ J-Xtorsion

DJ J-Xtorsion
(Ultravision Records) SPAIN

Born in Sevilla (Spain) in 1980.Jose Hermosin aka J-Xtorsion .Since very small was involved into the electronic music. He discover psytrance in 2006 ,going to many partys made by andalucian crews and from all spain. From this time he start to play at year 2007,and until this moment carry many partys in which it collaborates round of throughout the region of Andalusia. At year 2008 creates a group of friendo calles Skizodelic Mind,creating many events with recognized artists and djs. That year is signed by a music label called Ultravision records from Portugal and a few months later is also signed by a music label Dropland records located in Barcelona. From that moment he start to play for clubs around Andalucia and rest of Spain as; La Cova (Barcelona), Las Dalias (Ibiza), which leads to sharing cartel with producers like Lost and found, Absolum, Ex-Gen, Aum project, Smashed, Creactive, Rinkadink, D,N,I, Orianis, Divine Stones, Ilai, A-mush, Poizon, Dark-face, Khaos Sektor, and deejays like Juggler, Nanuk, Kutanimal, Yarza, Biofa, C.T.C., Neurologic… and more! Now he has a project of musical production with which he combines his role as dj.

more info: https://www.facebook.com/jxtorsion

123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123