Magneto (Ultravision Records)


Vlad Krivoshein is the man behind the project "Magneto".

Vlad born in Russia 1976 . Arrived in Israel when he was 15 years old and currently lives in Ashkelon in the south of the country .
In ages youth he discovered the psychedelic music .
He started build his studio in 2003 and started to make his own music under the name "Magneto" !
 At present works over several projects (DUME...)
First release "Come To Breake" left under name "Loud Inside" vs. Echo Logic in compiled by TUBE from Push Records .
 Under influence of those sounds which haveamazed it , and he is playing a lot in clubs and nature party .
 The main purpose is to bring big variety of styles ,
new sounds and to give you a great experience every day anew and anew so bring your energy's & amp kick the dance floor whit us .
 Stay tuned to new bombes!


123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123