VA Damaged Brain

VA Damaged Brain by Endless Euforia (Ultravision Records)
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Name: Damaged Brain
Artist: Various
Release Date: March 2009
Format: Digital Compilation - Flac,Wav-MP3
Catalog No: UVRDC001
Mastering d.N.i@Ultravision Records Spain
Artwork by Krono_psy@ICC Records Holland
Distribution: www.distelectronic.com

Damaged Brain is a compilation made by Endless Euforia that was over the last's months working on it to give you new and fresh psychedelic sounds for you and all dancefloor's around the world, Endless Euforia was gathering this tracks carefully to keep this compilation on trance story forever.
Featuring in this compilation are...
Rawar, Baphomet Engine, Magma Ohm, Jyro, Audiophatik, Dark Wishper, Necropsycho, Motorbrain, Mind Talkers, Divine Stones and also who compiled it Endless Euforia.
Producers of Portugal, Brasil, Mexico, Cyprus, Greece, Israel and Germany are here to give you full powerfull psychedelic music!

Ultravision Records Team hope you like this.


01. Rawar - The Moment of Peace 150
W&P Helder Amaral @ Rawar Studio-Portugal

02. Dark Whisper - Redated 153
W&P Manuel Bellini @ Dark Whisper Studio - Germany

03. Necropsycho - Worse Humans 153
W&P Carmino Nuccho @ Necropsycho Studio - Brasil

04. Jyro - Satanic Meanderings 150
W&P Aris Drogosis Jyro Studio - Greece

05. Endless Euforia & Baphomet Engine - Terror&Panic 148
W&P Adolfo Usier & Fábio Aurelio S. Japiassu @ Ultravision Records Studio - Spain & Baphomet Engine Studio - Brasil

06. Audiopathik - Dirty Lil Beast  154
W&P Alex Urias & Gilberto Wendlandt @ Audiopathik Studio - Mexico

07. Motorbrain - GRoUnD ZeRO  158
W&P Panayiotis Constantinides & Chistina Fiakka @ Motorbrain Studio Cyprus

08. Mind Talkers(Endless Euforia & Cosmic Iron) - Damaged Brain 158
W&P Adolfo Usier & Matskin Dmitry @ Ultravision Records Studio - Spain and Cosmic Iron Studio - Israel

09. Divine Stones - Amsterdam Nights 164
W&P Paulo Rosa @ Divine Stones Studio - Portugal

10. Magma Ohm - Space Zombie v2 160
W&P Carlos Lessa @ Ultrohm Studio Brasil

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Va DaMaGeD BrAiN By EnDLeSs EuFoRiA UVRDC001 out 20march



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