EP Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi - One Desire EP

Tittle: One Desire
Artist: Axis Mundi
Format: Digital Flac, Wav & Mp3
Label: Ultravision Records
Catalog: UVREP006
Release Date: 30 May 2009
Mastering: Kri @ Audio Valve (http://audiovalve.org)
Artwork: Gangi (http;//www.mindart-research.de)
Distributors: http://www.ultravision-records.com & http://www.distelectronic.com


1. Bodies
2. One Desire
3. Speck
4. Acid Violence

Artist Profile

The latest release served up on Ultravision's wide ranging menu is the One Desire EP, by American artist Axis Mundi. Axis has been active in the trance scene for nearly ten years, involving himself in all aspects of promotion and support of the trance scene. Axis got his start DJing in an area of the USA considered to be a trance barrens, in Nashville, Tennessee. Within a short time after his first bookings, Axis gained a following in his local area, bringing a previously locally unheard genre to the ears of new listeners as a lone warrior amongst club nights and radio shows featuring mainly music from other electronic music genres such as breaks, industrial, and drum and bass, and making fans of and earning the respect of fans drawn from all these circles. His talent landed him bookings from coast to coast in the US as well as overseas in Germany and Spain some time later.

Upon relocating to Asheville, north Carolina, home of the US trance collective TOUCH Samadhi and Those People, Axis took his first steps into production and live performance, creating experimental electronica on an array of hardware synths and performing without the use of a PC, all the while studying the intricacies and nuances of the genre of his heartbeat genre, psy-trance. Shortly afterwards, his trance production began, and was widely accepted. Axis' first EP, Eldritch Freq, was released on Scared Evil Records of Germany, with individual tracks released on labels Ultravision, TOUCH Samadhi, Scared Evil, Lycantrop, and Goagemeinde, where his style has been called fast, highly psychedelic forest trance with generous touches of funk and darkness.

Today, Axis Mundi lives in Cologne, Germany, where he works as an English teacher and live trance producer and performer, with regular bookings throughout Germany, as well as Romania, Holland, and the UK throughout the year of 2009. His second EP, One Desire, currently releasing on Ultravision, is an uptempo amalgam of thick bass, brain-twisting leads, syncopated percussion, and atmosphere-building samples which border between the funny and the slightly disturbing. Mastered by trance engineering master Kri of TOUCH Samadhi, with major contributions by Brazil's dark trance great Silent Enemy, the One Desire EP by Axis Mundi brings you dark psychedelic trance with a unique personal perception.

Discovering about the tracks...


Coming up first is a brand new Axis Mundi original, blending morbidly humorous voices with clean, in-your-face bass, abstract, carefully arranged percussion and synth lines corrosive enough to eat the chrome from a car bumper. Rhythmic stutters collide with chaotic collusions to build segments of tension and release, topped off by resonant glassy pads and pitch-riding breakdowns.

One Desire

The title track to this EP is written with passion and illustrates what drives its author along his path. Galloping percussion provides lopsided rhythm while tweaked, resonant filtered bleeps and blurps fill out the aural panorama. Reverbed snares sound crisp, adding to the groovy atmosphere of the beginning. The layers and tension build up subtly, but within a few minutes, the energy is in full firey bloom.


Inspired by a children's tale with a dimension-crossing story, this track is intended to pummel both dancefloors and egos, using touches of humore to imply a subtle message. Rhythmic slicing and elastic curtains of pads and sweeps are meant to give your body something to float on while dirty bass and low-frequency growls keep your feet and soul grounded.

Silent Enemy - Acid Violence (Axis Mundi Rmx)

Axis finishes his EP off with a bang. Having remixed Brazilian colleague Silent Enemy's frenzied darkpsy track with plenty of his signature psychedelic sounds, beat and bar manipulations, and adding contorted halftime breakbeat intros and segments. Keeping true to the original track's agressive full-moon mood, Axis' remix is an attempt to put the "Acid" back into "Acid Violence".

Axis Mundi - One Desire EP
Produced and Arranged by Axis Mundi (http://www.myspace.com psyaxismundi@gmail.com)
"Acid Violence" original by Silent Enemy (http://www.myspace.com/silentenemylive) Remixed by Axis Mundi

All rights reserved to the owner of the produced work.
Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, or rental of this recording is prohibited


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