DJ Amanda

Dj Amanda
(Ultravision Records) Brazil

Dj Amand @ aka Amanda Rovere, native of Rio Grande, currently resides in Caxias do Sul, had his first contact with electronic music in mid-2005, where he readily identified with the psychedelic style. In 2007 put into practice emphasizing his experience as a dj first (woman) in the Serra Gaucho to play the style of psy trance, began his career at the sound of "full on morning, the time course of their work and sound evolved, he Groove to the music style, High Tech, and ultimately to Twilight.
Profiles and selected with strong explosions, aggressive basslines and Techniques for precise mixing style are its great prominence.

He has played alongside big names in the electronic scene nationally and globally such as:
Eskimo, GMS, Absolum, Cyclo Sphere, Krome Angels, Rinkadink, Whiplash, Quantize, Cosmo Tech, Burn in noise, Mental Broadcast Freakulizer, The Commercial Hippies, Crystal, Waio, Red Sun, Sensient, 220volts, Felguk, Gustavo Bravetti, Minimal Criminal
among others.

Amanda is part of Ultravision Records label. (Spain) and the cast of djs VIBETRONIC (Caxias do Sul.Brasil)


123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123