DJ Demosys

Demosys (Ultravision Records) Portugal

Hello there,i'm andre cachaço aka demosys,i'm 21 years old and i live in amadora,near lisbon!
Since i was a litle boy that i'm connected to music,participating in various portuguese bands,it helped me a lot in many ways!music has allways been essential to me.
In may of 2006 i fell in love musically and culturally by psytrance when i went to my first psychedelic rave. It was love at the first sight!!everything
that was related to psytrance captured my attention and my interest for djing and production art became bigger and bigger.
In november 2007 i ended my djing course at Dancefloor DJ Academy,where i learned to mix.when i felt that i was ready to destroy some dancefloors i started to sent promos to some labels and it was when Blissful found me!!
Blissful gave me the oportunity to show what i've got, and more ,D.n.I from Ultravision Rec give me the chance to me.more recently i went to some workshops of psytrance production and i got a lot of help
from some great psy produtors,friends of mine because i felt the need to create my own music but i needed some lights to start...
With a night twisted style with psychedelic synths,melody and agitating basslines.i've been creating my own stlye with some influences like south african night scene,portuguese scene,3d vision,nutek records,yabai records,mmd records,vision records,spectral records,nexus media...
Since i started to play at parties i had the oportunity and the previlege to play with some of the best live acts and dj sets from portugal and some international acts too like: A_Mush,
Orianis aka Myrah, Konnektor, Tryambaka, Sick Addiction, Audialize, Unreal, Digital Phase , Kuntact, Asura, Mettapax, Zorflux, Blazed,Twisted Reaction ,Mekkanika, Ilegal Machines, Tickets, D.N.i, Phatmatix, and Delysid.
my go in this "work/dream" is to make good vibe people dance,jump,have big fun and enjoy everything in TRANCE!!

More infos: http://www.myspace.com/dem0system

123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123