Cosmic Iron

Cosmic Iron (Israel)


Cosmic Iron-Matckin Dmitriy
Banzay-Cosmic Iron&Sprinter(Konstantin Bronfenmaher)
Psycobeat- Dmitri Matskin and Arthur Gleyev

Dmitriy 28 years old, was born in  Ukraine,arrived to Israel in 1994.
As he arrived started listening to trance music and fell-in-love in this culture, going to parties until now.
Meet Arthur(Psycobeat) at 2000,and start making their first tracks on frooty-loops,and with time started growing up and learned alone their sounds,in june 2006 goes out their first releases on Zaika delic rec.
While  Dmitriy was still working on his solo project”Cosmic Iron, new baby Banzay was born with his friend Sprinter.

Zaikadelic Records Neverending Story cd01
Psycobeat – Marcian values
Zaikabeat – Local mushrooms 
Sonic Tantra-Cosmic Iron Solo Albom “Psydrug for Paine”
El Espano Urbano-Banzay Albom (coming soon)
ICC.Records Meeting of Demons (coming soon)
Cosmic Iron-Porno Topic

Equipment Used:
Pentium 4, 3.00
Genuie Intel-Infinity Core2Duo
Rme Hdsp9632Soundcard
Esi U46DJ usb Recording
Alesis Ra300 Amplifier
Yorkville Studio Monitors
Mackie12chnl/line Mixer
Waldorf Micro Wave xt Synthesizer
Evolution Mk249c2Keyboard
LexiconMx200Dual Reverb.Effect Proccesor
Samson Studio Condenser 

Nuendo3,Cubase sx3,Sound Forge,WaveLab,Abelton Live Pro. 

Contacts: http://www.myspace.com/cosmiciron

123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123