DJ Guizuh

DJ Guizuh (Ultravision Records/Luz de Gaia) BRASIL

Thiago F. a.k.a dj GUIZUH and Damaru project, Started you contact with the electronic music in 2002, started go in the partys in all country. Increasing your taste for the psychedelic music. Looking the new technical forms of the mix. He played Fullon Night / Twilight… psychedelic melodies and aggressive basslines.your influences:Twisted System,Shift,phyx ,outer signal, lost end found,Khopat,Menog,Azax Syndron,Abomination,seroxat,winter demon,digital talk. He played side to strongest names of the psychedelic music: DYNAMIC, BLINK, SWITCH, JOTI SIDHU, PTX ,DUAL CORE, SLUG, CYCLE SPHERE, ZORFLUX , KIDO, ETIC, DAVE CHARBERLAIN, 2HI, COSMONET, AUDIO-X, WAIO, MINIMAL CRIMINAL, MAGMA OHM, MOB,ENIGMATRONIC, JANCSUR VS PAULA, VOR, MACK , GUI, LIVIA , KITTY and many others


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