Necropsycho ( Brasil )
Dark Psychedelic

Necropsycho was formed in 2003 by two friends, Nuccho and Hermann. In the city of Guarulhos / SP in Brazil.
His productions are based heavy melodies, timbres laniatus, creating an atmosphere obscure and
influenced by goatrance, hardcore, gabba, industrial.

In 2004 began to appear in SP in the main party dedicated psicodelia night.
Starting to highlight the scenario Dark psychelic, passed by large festival in SP, MG and Go/Brazil .
Playing alongside major national and international artists.

In 2006 they were invited to participate in various labels and started the calls for the first releases.

Today, the project Necropsycho is being taken only by Nuccho, following soil in this journey, took his Ep launched in May 2008 by the label Metropolis Rec and also preparing an album split with the artists and Demonizz Bash once more be launched by the Dead Tree Productions. In August 2008 his first start Tour outside Brazil, is presented in Guatemala and Costa Rica and  September awaits its first tuor by europe, presenting the countries,  Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden.

Starts in 2009, is already getting ready for second time in Europe.

Boommm Freaks!

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