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Ariel Sela AKA "R.E.L" 27 from Kfar Saba Israel, you may also know him as a part of the well known act "Double R.E.L" and with older releases under "The Farting Parrot".
Having musical background in guitar and keyboards and always being active with music Ariel has been fascinated by the psychedelic sound while it was still fresh and rising, it was around the start of 2000 when Ariel started to produce by himself at his home studio.
Taking nowadays a big part of the scene worldwide under "Double R.E.L", having 2 albums released in "Doof Records" with numerous releases in compilations at top international labels worldwide.
Playing in countries such as Japan, Israel, Germany, Austria, Russia, Portugal, Cyprus, Switzerland, England and many more, includes an unforgettable performance at boom festival 2006 and sharing stages with many known artists and collaborating with them.
Ariel's ongoing journey made him feel like it's time to let his brain guide him once again and produce by himself, therefore releasing under the name of "R.E.L."
Already having one EP called "Space Case" released with more tracks on various compilations collaborating with artists such as "Abomination" , "Nature Disaster" and "Bliss" to name a few , "R.E.L" signature sound and style is not new to the scene.
Ariel's music can be described as powerful full on packed up with huge leads, melodies and atmospheres while always adding his influences and unique sounds and taking it to the edge, his uncompromised producing abilities is what made "R.E.L" music impact the dance floors once again.
After receiving great feedbacks and support you can expect much more to come from this great act.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=132545960123764#!/pages/REL/132545960123764 - official fan page
Facebook Name: Ariel Rel Sela

123 Sample Rd, Samplington, SA 12345
(555) 0123