Dark Whisper

Dark Whisper ( Germany )
High Energetic Psychedelic

Dark Whisper is one of the projects of Manuel Bellini. He get in touch with psychedelic music 1998 in Thailand together with his family. In the year 1999 he started to learn instruments like bass guitar, percussions and various strange instruments. He found the organisation ALICE.D PROD. and organize a couple of party around Italy and Germany under this name. In the year 2004 he started with DJing. Producing psychedelic music he started backin the year 2006, with a simple PC and headphones. After he stock up his equipment with sinths, and various stuff. At that time he produced a stile of twisted psychedelic sound influenced by many many cultures of the world mixed with analoge instruemnts that he collected while travelling around the globe. In the tracks you will find stories from the madness of our world, mostly politics, unnessesary wars, this sick system where we live into and the huge destruction of the mother nature in a deep highpsychedelic atmosphere with always brain shaking rhythms and body dancing percussions. The style of DARK WHISPER music dont have BPM limits In the Moment he is member of the Record Labels of Mind Expansion Records (GERMANY) , Shaman Films Records (USA) , Helico Sound System Records (GREECE) , Alche Magik Media (USA) and the Head of Alice.-D Production. He have one solo Dub Project, two psychelics projects: WHIT SATOR AREPO - Germany (Cop Killaz) and AUDIODIDAKT - Israel (Haunted Existenz) PEACE... BOOM... AND RESPECT...

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