EP Mekanical Mind

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Mekanical Mind & Friends - Deadly Meeting

Title: Deadly Meeting
Artist: Mekanical Mind & Friends
Format: Digital Flac, Wav & Mp3
Catalog No: UVR EP 008
Release Date: TBA (COMING SOON)
Mastering: Endless Euforia
Label: Ultravision Records
Artwork: Mucora & d.N.i
Distribution: World Wide by Distelectronic and Ultravision Records


MEKANICAL MIND aka MULONDARK is the name besides of Miguel Neto. He's from Paços de Ferreira(Portugal) and was born in 1986. Now he live in Coimbra, he started dealing with electronic music at 18 years old. In 2004 and discovered the psychedelic scene and psychedelic partys. Miguel started djing the dark psy trance in 2007 and then, in 2008/2009, after working with a few music production programs he created his own electronic music project called Turture corps. This project is a mix /noise/ sounds and dark with a strong rhythm. Always developing new ideas to his own music.

Making his live debut appearence in 2009 and since then he already played with many international artists such as: Sator Arepo, Endless Euforia, d.N.i, LAB, , Rawar, , Khaos Sektor, ,Jellyheads, Atary,Brainwhash,Klacid,Signa,Xamacirkus,Charade,Divine Stones,Psyonic,Unknown Project, PsyVibe, Ketamadness, Korpora, etc.....

Deadly meeting is a ep of Miguel with collaboration of Rawar, Endless Euforia and Viatoxic, artist from portugal and brasil that make dancefloors tremble with those beats. This ep is hard and strong, psychedelic leads, progressive ambiences and hard beats make the DEADLY MEETING

Tracklist :
1. Mekanical Mind & Viatoxik - Fucking Bad Trip 160
2. Mekanical Mind & Rawar - The Devil 154 to 170
2. Mekanical Mind & Endless Euforia - I Care About What You Want 175

Be ready to this bomb


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